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Meet Sony! We are both excited for his new role as assistant photographer.


It all started when...

A left-handed baby was born in Garden Grove, CA in 1985. Psychic mediums at the time sensed an enormous amount of creativity manifesting in the near future. Starting with hand-turkeys on construction paper, then bored doodles in the back of class, local psychic Gillespie Heffernan began boasting over his bold prediction years back. At the start of '95, Ryan re-located to Northwest Arkansas almost exclusively to train for recreational soccer.

At the end of 2004, an accomplished All-State goalkeeper would have to make a major decision. A $1.3mil professional contract or a server position at the nearby Red Robin. Obviously, after tasting the Royal Burger (with a fried egg on it), the answer was obvious. This career move boosted Ryan into a new creative territory eventually finding himself back to his old stomping grounds and enrolled at the Los Angeles Recording School.

After graduating with a degree in sunny Hollywood, California, Ryan's first big ask was presented: Acquire a Western Bacon Cheeseburger and tall Lemonade for Snoop Dogg at Conway Recording Studios. This success propelled Ryan full speed out of music and into Post Production and Voice-Over Recording.

After working with some of Hollywood's biggest names on TV, Commercial, and Animated Projects, it was time to ramp up the Creativity Factor again: Ryan Coursey Photography (previously RYCO.LA) was formed in 2016 as a photography, videography, and aerial drone company. Now you can find him shooting professional sporting events, concerts, weddings, actor and business portraits, as well as landscape photography. He is Avid Certified on Pro Tools and extremely proficient with the Adobe Creative Cloud, including Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and more.